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People Power: Improving Performance through a Corporate Culture of Sustainability Leadership

Time: Thursday, March 15 15:30 - 17:00

Are you making the most of your most important asset? Leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realize the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximizing business performance. Hear from companies who are successfully using their leadership in sustainability initiatives to attract, motivate, and retain talent, and as a result, are improving company sales and overall performance.

Confirmed Participants:

Ann Duffy, Principal, The Ann Duffy Group, Canada (Moderator)
Simon Herriott, Vice President of Global Consulting Solutions, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, USA
Erin Meezan, Vice President of Sustainability, Interface Inc., USA
Jean Oelwang, CEO, Virgin Unite, UK
Brigitta Witt, Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, USA

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