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Supply Chains in the 21st Century: Transparency, Standards & Responsible Sourcing

Time: Wednesday, March 14 13:30 - 15:00

More than ever, organizations are integrating social and environmental considerations into their purchase decisions in order to address increasing costs, reduce risk factors, adapt to changing regulations and new industry standards, and align corporate values with business practices. Find out how organizations are considering product life cycles across the entire supply chain in order to plan, design, and implement sustainable procurement practices and policies that meet or exceed the evolving expectations for social and environmental performance, responsibility, and transparency.

Confirmed Participants:

Coro Strandberg, Principal, Strandberg Consulting, Canada (Moderator)
Carlo Dal Monte, Director of Energy, Catalyst Paper Corp., Canada
Jim Hartzfeld, Managing Director, InterfaceRAISE, USA
Jan Spencer, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Procurement & Continuous Improvement, Kimberley-Clark Corp., USA
Bob Willard, Sustainability Author & Speaker, Sustainability Advantage, Canada

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