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Environmental & Social Risk Management: What Your Bank Wants to Know

Time: Friday, March 16 08:30 - 10:00

Banks are increasingly incorporating social and environmental factors in their screening of corporate clients, and the reasons for these actions and the implications for businesses can vary widely depending on the financial institution. Screening for environmental and social risks for project finance is reasonably developed. However, as more banks enact new policies and procedures that require evaluation of a client's environmental, social, and governance performance before advancing corporate loans, how are these policies being implemented and what are the implications for the broader business community?

Confirmed Participants:

Toby Heaps, Co-founder & President, Corporate Knights Inc., Canada (Moderator)
Andy Broderick, Vice President of Community Investment, Vancity, Canada
Paul Clements-Hunt, Founder, The Blended Capital Group, Switzerland
Arnaud Cohen Stuart, Manager of Business Ethics, ING Groep, the Netherlands
Sandra Odendahl, Director of Corporate Environmental Affairs, Royal Bank of Canada

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