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Burning Issues for Tomorrow's Cities: Community Energy & Waste-to-Energy Systems

Time: Friday, March 16 08:30 - 10:00

As municipalities look to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of their sustainability planning initiatives, innovative methods for heating and powering our built environment are emerging from biomass and waste sources. How are city planners, developers, and technology experts addressing the issues around access to feed stocks, emissions and particulate matter, and public health and safety in order to ensure a place for these technologies?

Confirmed Participants:

Nancy Knight, Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning, University of BC, Canada (Moderator)
Peter Heusser, Process Technology & Consulting, I.C.E. AG, Switzerland
Franz Neubacher, Principal & Chief Engineer, UV&P Environmental Management & Engineering, Austria
Paul Sellew, CEO, Harvest Power, USA
Douglas Stout, Vice President of Energy Solutions & External Relations, Fortis BC, Canada

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