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Product Stewardship and Innovative Packaging: Striving for Zero Waste

Time: Thursday, March 15 10:30 - 12:00

Product stewardship programs such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) are encouraging organizations to be increasingly accountable for products at the end of their lifecycle in order to minimize waste and reduce toxins entering into the environment. What is the role for the retail sector in this more holistic approach? How are these companies striving to minimize waste? This session will discuss how leading organizations are addressing environmental concerns through innovative packaging and stewardship practices that are designed to cut costs and reduce waste.

Confirmed Participants:

Eric Olson, Senior Vice President of Advisory Services, BSR, USA (Moderator)
Elisabeth Comere, Director, Environment & Government Affairs, Tetra Pak Inc., USA
Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director, California Product Stewardship Council, USA
Charlene Wall-Warren, Sustainability Leader, BASF North America, USA

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