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Roundtable: Is Sustainable Retail an Oxymoron?

Time: Thursday, March 15 13:30 - 15:00
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The sector-wide shift from viewing sustainability as a cost centre to recognizing it as an opportunity to reduce risk, improve relationships with customers and employees, and spur business growth and innovation is gaining momentum.  Potentially a key way to differentiate in a competitive market and build brand value, are retailers finally recognizing the merits of a sound sustainability plan in ensuring long-term business success? Or is the overarching need to reduce consumption simply at odds with the very foundation of retailing?  Find out as leading retailers discuss how and why sustainability is being incorporated into their companies on their paths to a better business model.

Confirmed Participants:

Andrea Bolger, Head of Business Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada (Moderator)
Diane Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada, Canada
Tyler Elm, Vice President of Business Sustainability, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Canadian Tire Corp., Canada
Clint Mahlman, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs Ltd., Canada
Esther Speck, Vice President of Business Sustainability & Community, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada

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