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Sustainable Consumerism: What’s Driving Demand for Today’s Eco-friendly Products and Services?

Time: Wednesday, March 14 15:30 - 17:00

Today's consumers are more selective, better informed, and expect companies to be doing more for their communities and the environment.  What are the factors shaping the evolving consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services? How can companies effectively communicate with and sell to consumers who are taking environmental and social considerations into account when making their purchasing decisions? How can companies position themselves favourably based on their environmental and social performance while avoiding the risks of overstating their achievements?   

Confirmed Participants:

Anthony Watanabe, President & CEO, The Innovolve Group Inc., Canada (Moderator)
Ben Packard, Vice President of Global Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Company, USA
Andreas Souvaliotis, President, AIR MILES for Social Change, Canada
Gabe Wing, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Herman Miller, USA
Brian Zeiler-Kligman, Director of Sustainability, Canada's National Brewers, Canada

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