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Natural Gas: Fueling the Future

Time: Thursday, March 15 15:30 - 17:00
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Is natural gas the bridge to a carbon-free energy future? Natural gas is affordable, abundant, accessible, and can reduce emissions from the built environment and the power generation and transportation sectors. Hear how natural gas solutions are being deployed for economies that need greater energy security, affordable pricing, and better air quality. Panelists will discuss the opportunities and challenges for natural gas as a fuel source for powering a cleaner energy future.

Confirmed Participants:

Sam Shaw, Vice President of Natural Gas Policy Development, Encana Corporation, Canada (Moderator)
Dick Brown, Founder and President, Ferus Inc., Canada
David Demers, CEO, Westport Innovations Inc., Canada
Terry Lake, Minister of Environment, Government of British Columbia, Canada
Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment and Water, Government of Alberta, Canada

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