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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Direct Energy Business Services
Contact Name: Alice Lee
Booth Number: 527
Address: 30 High Meadow Place,
Toronto, ON M9L 2Z5
Website: http://www.directenergy.com/business

Corporate Summary:

Direct Energy Business Services Limited is one of the largest providers of gas, electricity, and energy services in North America. We specialize in extracting energy savings from existing buildings to reduce overall energy consumption and maximize cost savings. Our products and services include: magnetic bearing chillers, HVAC services, Building Automation Systems, Energy Performance Contracting and Preventative maintenance program for both HVAC and BAS systems.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada, United States
Interest in: Canada, United States
Product Service Offerings
Energy Efficiency, Engineering Services, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Research & Development, Utilities
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Education, Strategic Alliances, Technology Acquisitions
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