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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Solar-Infra Systems International Ltd.
Contact Name: Leslie Bell
Booth Number: 1104
Address: 19138 26th Ave,
Surrey, BC V3S3V7
Website: http://www.solarinfrasystems.com

Corporate Summary:

Solar-Infra Systems (SIS) is a Canadian company, established in 2011 to develop and manufacture solar thermal products and processes based on solar energy technology and patent applications in development since 2009. The solar air and water heating products range from residential "hang it up" heaters to large scale solar thermal building and process heating systems that pay for themselves in energy and fuel savings. We are currently establishing manufacturing operations in Canada and the United States. We are also expanding internationally and looking for business and licensing opportunities.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada, United States
Interest in: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, China, Sweden
Product Service Offerings
Architect, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Engineering Services, GIS & Information Technologies, Government, Green Building, Renewable Energy
Business Development Objectives
Distributors/Agents, Joint Venture Partners, Licensees, Strategic Alliances
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