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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Titanium Corporation
Contact Name: Scott Nelson
Booth Number: 408
Address: 10025-106th Street,
Suite 1400, Baker Centre,
Edmonton, AB T5J 1G4
Website: http://www.titaniumcorporation.com

Corporate Summary:

Titanium Corporation has developed proven new technologies that recover valuable minerals, lost bitutmen and solvents from oil sands tailings, reducing the environmental footprint. These technolologies prevent hydrocarbons from entering tailings ponds and causing harmful emmissions. VOC, GHG and NOX emmissions are reduced. Water quality is improved for recycle,reduction of river water useage, thickening of taiilings and restoration. The recovery of lost commodities "Creates Value from Waste TM".

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Australia, Canada, United States
Interest in: Australia, Canada, Japan, China, United States
Product Service Offerings
Climate Change, Hazardous Waste, Mining/Oil & Gas, Pollution Prevention Technologies, Remediation & Containment, Research & Development, Resource Management, Resource Recovery & Recycling, Wastewater Treatment
Business Development Objectives
Joint Venture Partners, Marketing Alliances, Raising Capital, Strategic Alliances
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