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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Corvus Energy
Contact Name: Grant Brown
Booth Number: 308
Address: 110, 13160 Vanier Place,
Richmond, BC V6V 2J2
Website: http://www.corvus-energy.com

Corporate Summary:

Corvus Energy designs and manufactures the world's most powerful lithium ion batteries. Corvus was founded to fill a niche for hybridization of the commercial marine industry; however the batteries have potential far beyond marine propulsion. The batteries are ideally suited to many other applications; any industrial machine with heavy power needs (such as port and dock equipment and airport ground support equipment) can now be converted to a hybrid form to reduce or eliminate fuel consumption.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States
Interest in: Brazil, Chile, India, China, Russia
Product Service Offerings
Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Fuel Cells, Government, Green Building, Mining/Oil & Gas, Pollution Prevention Technologies, Renewable Energy, Utilities
Business Development Objectives
Distributors/Agents, Joint Venture Partners, Licensees, Raising Capital, Strategic Alliances
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