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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: STEP-Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
Contact Name: David Froh
Booth Number: 1409
Address: #320-1801 Hamilton Street,
Regina, SK S4P 3Y6
Website: http://www.sasktrade.sk.ca

Corporate Summary:

STEP was officially launched on August 21, 1996 with a mandate to increase Saskatchewan's exports to existing markets and to tap into new markets by initiating sales, contracts and projects for exporters from the private and public sector. Today, STEP continues to find custom solutions for Saskatchewan exporters. As a non-profit, membership based organization we bring together resources from government and industry to provide world-class customized trade development services to exporters and ready-to-export companies in Saskatchewan. The services that STEP provides are of primary value to those companies who are exporting outside the borders of Saskatchewan or who are ready and interested in exporting. These services include: 1. International Finance Contract Development Assistance – advice on the preparation of export sales contracts. Access to Working Capital financing – needs assessment, guidance on the services offered by associate members Risk Identification and Mitigation – advice and guidance regarding political and commercial risk and mitigation strategies. Methods of Payment and Collections Guidance – identification of the most appropriate payment method for exports based on the destination country. Making sure members get paid for the work that they do! Post Shipment – Accounts Receivable financing – turn your receivables into cash faster, freeing up capital to fill more orders. Foreign Currency Management – if you sell your products or services outside of Canada in a currency other than Canadian dollars you are at risk. We will show you strategies to mitigate that risk and protect your profit margin. Transportation and Logistics – advice and guidance on methods and techniques provided by our associate members Development Opportunities with the International Financial Institutions (IFI's) – strategic advice and market development support to members pursuing IFI funded opportunities. nextrade finance – a custom financing program that deals in small transactions between $20K and $150 K. 2. Trade Development Individualized Export Market Advice and Guidance – markets and opportunities identification, market entry strategies, standards and regulatory requirements, contacts and networks Market Development Missions – participation in market development missions, customized programs, introduction and continued support in markets, logistical support Access to Incoming Missions – qualified buyers, distributors and agents, government officials and agencies, Western Canada Incoming Buyers Program 3. Market Intelligence Customized Market Intelligence Reports – examples include List of Distributors in the US or Middle East, Market Overview of Latin America, Certification Standards in the EU Developing your Internal Resources - assistance in developing an export marketing plan and for setting up an internal business unit *Note: STEP does not conduct research on Saskatchewan. 4. International Projects International Project Management - direct opportunity to participate on international development projects STEP is the only organization in Saskatchewan that focuses solely on providing export marketing services to Saskatchewan companies. This competitive edge is further enhanced as STEP services are customized to the specific needs of individual members. No other agency provides this customized service on a continuing basis. STEP, as a team of professionals, operates on a set of principles to guide our behaviour. We believe in integrity, honesty, fairness, trust, and the importance of communication and quality service. We connect buyers and sellers, issues and solutions, opportunities and success.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, India, Peru, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
Interest in: not specified
Product Service Offerings
Government, Industry Associations, Mining/Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Resource Recovery & Recycling, Solid Waste Management, Trade Promotion, Wastewater Treatment
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Distributors/Agents, Strategic Alliances
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