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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: eco-flex®
Contact Name: Scott Mydan
Booth Number: 1201
Address: 57425 - RR253,
Box 29, Site 13, RR#1,
Legal, AB T0G 1L0
Website: http://www.eco-flex.com

Corporate Summary:

Eco-Flex, founded by the CEO Alan Champagne in 1992. The company is an industry leader in the recycling of Canadian passenger car tires and the manufacturing of high value, end use, recycled rubber products which are sold throughout Canada and the world. The company operates out of a 35,000-foot manufacturing facility situated north of Edmonton, Alberta.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Interest in: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Venezuela, Panama
Product Service Offerings
Architect, Automotive, Engineering Services, Forestry, Government, Impact Assessment Management, Industry Associations, Mining/Oil & Gas, Resource Recovery & Recycling, Urban Management
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Distributors/Agents
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