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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: DynaCurrent Technologies Inc.
Contact Name: Lori Kozub Hodgkinson
Booth Number: 1117
Address: #12 440 Brimley Road,
Scarborough, ON M1J 1A1
Website: http://www.dynacurrent.com

Corporate Summary:

DynaCurrent Technologies, Inc. DynaCurrent designs, manufactures and markets the world's first thermal multiplier heat exchange chamber – a technology that dramatically increases the conversion of power to energy by improving efficiency. The core technology has the potential to power many climate control products including both heating and cooling. DynaCurrent's flagship products, DynaCurrent HeatWave™ and DynaCurrent PermaStart™ dramatically reduce overall costs, improve efficiency and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in space heating and diesel engine pre-heating markets. DynaCurrent products replace oil, propane, gas and resistance-based electrical heating systems with a simple zero-emission solution that generates dependable, green heat in small footprint systems that can be easily installed and maintained. Transportation systems, operators of heavy equipment and anyone with space heating requirements will benefit from reduced energy costs, improved performance and zero emissions. A privately held Canadian company, DynaCurrent has locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax. For more information, visit www.dynacurrent.com

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada, United States
Interest in: Canada, United States
Product Service Offerings
Energy Efficiency, Green Building
Business Development Objectives
Distributors/Agents, Joint Venture Partners, Licensees, Marketing Alliances, Strategic Alliances
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