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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative
Contact Name: Andy Whyte
Booth Number: 1003
Address: 206- 850 River Road,
Prince George, BC V2L 5S8
Website: http://www.carbonoffsetcooperative.org

Corporate Summary:

Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC) provides a Fuel Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Initiative for owners of diesel burning equipment and long or short haul trucks to reduce operating costs and create, aggregate and sell carbon offsets, produced through a reduction in diesel consumption. COAC will assist owners in overcoming the technological and financial barriers necessary to make carbon and fuel reduction changes within their operation. With the increasing price of fuel, environmental impact and impending regulation, many companies must look to competitively reduce both fuel consumption and carbon emissions. As the owners of the only carbon protocol methodology in the world for calculating, reporting and selling carbon offsets from "Efficiencies in Industrial Vehicles and Industrial Equipment", COAC members will have access to a cost effective fuel reduction program that also calculates and validates carbon offsets. Next to labour, fuel is one of the most significant costs a company must incur. Increasing fuel efficiency and minimizing fuel consumption not only improves a company's economic outlook but coincides with the global social need for industries and governments to reduce their carbon footprint and to lessen environmental impact. COAC firmly believes that our program will be of great assistance in this endeavour. COAC was recognized with two awards (Technology Provider of the Year and Technology and Industry Newsmaker of the Year) at the Northern BC Business and Technology Awards held on January 11, 2012 in Prince George, British Columbia, during Minister Pat Bell's 9th Annual Natural Resource Forum and Economic Summit.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Canada
Interest in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, China, United Kingdom, United States
Product Service Offerings
Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Finance, Forestry, Government, Industry Associations, Mining/Oil & Gas, Monitoring Equipment & Services, Pollution Prevention Technologies, Resource Recovery & Recycling, Sustainable Construction, Training, Transport, Urban Management
Business Development Objectives
Direct Sales, Marketing Alliances, Research Development Collaboration, Strategic Alliances
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