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Corporate Details
Exhibitor: Eco Depo
Contact Name: Tom Fairbairn
Booth Number: 509
Address: 4 Demense Road,
Seaforde, Co Down
United Kingdom
Website: http://www.ecodepo.co.uk

Corporate Summary:

Ecodepo is a light and durable waste recycling system. Its unique but simple "grab" system and clip mechanism allows colour - coded biodegradable sacks to be easily fitted onto the ecopods without the need for elastic bands, bungie cord or metal clips. It is versatile and adaptable and can be placed in station like positions in any workplace. With the use of colour - coded lids and labels, various waste streams can be simply and easily managed and measured.

Key Geographic Markets
Experience in:      Australia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Iceland, Malta
Interest in: Canada, United States
Product Service Offerings
Environmental Audits, Green Building, Resource Management, Resource Recovery & Recycling
Business Development Objectives
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